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Originally Posted by arxial View Post
On live, running an MVAE escort, I get 960 shield regen per second. Tribble, it's 240 per 6 seconds. Yes, if that 960 was reduced to EVERY 6 seconds, that would be perfect, but removing nearly 70% of it's utility, when the average Borg hit is well over 1k, and twice a second, is not overkill, it's bowing down to the demands of PvP'ers who do even TAKE the time or EC to up their Tiers in Omega/New Romulus to get these abilities, nor do I see them go into STF's, Fleet Mark/Romulan Mark queues, is fascinatingly disappointing. Yes, cruisers and science ships will repair more shield. Escorts, no matter how you look at them, are easier to squish. Cryptic is going to start losing more customers than it can bring in at this rate.
This is the largest pile of garbage ever to be posted on the internet.

PvPers did not ask for this change. They asked for the bug to be fixed. The same bug you mentioned. The same bug you said you would have been fine fixing. The tooltip said per 6. The PvPers said it should be per 6. They didn't ask for it to be per 6 and nerfed to Hell. Just the bug fix. Like you even stated here that it needed to be fixed - that per 6 would have been perfect.

So knock off the garbage of blaming PvPers for this Cryptic nonsense.

And seriously, considering that there is no PvP gear - just how do you think PvPers get their gear? Oh yeah, that's right - they're grinding PvE along with everybody else.

So again, knock off the silly garbage... it just makes you look... well, anyway.
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