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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Picard had to die so Shinzon could live.

B4 was placed on Colarus so the Enterprise would be most likely to investigate

The scene between Riker and Shinzon's viceroy (can't even remember his name ) was a pretty good example of pointless, and just existed to give Riker the opportunity to kick the ass of the guy who mindraped his wife... As for the gantry, Geordi obviously saw the gantry Kirk fell to his death in, and thought "When I get me a new ship, I'm getting this Piece of History installed, no one will notice..."
- Ah yeah, forgot about that bit, a full blood transfusion or something, been a while since i last watched and payed attention

- But still where did the B4 pop up from ^^

- its a bit of a worry when neither of us can remeber the guys name XD such a memorable and well write character, as for geordi, knowing his luck it would have been him doing a kirk xD poor georgi in TNG normally being the one getting thrown about O.o'
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