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12-20-2012, 09:48 AM
My advice is always avoid super humans (or super alien human hybrids).
Star trek has always been about regular people beating the super humans. The borg, the Q, the Augments, the Dominion.
Those with power wholeheartedly reject it, like Sisko the emissary and Picard the Q

Starfleet doesn't reject augments just because they're different- but because they often end up unstable and they don't want to train the next Kahn.

So basically I'd suggest giving her a more critical weakness or attach her to something or someone that doesn't make her so different.
And the healing seemed a bit much (or maybe you just gave it a lot of detail), but I'd make it contingent on some sort of rare chemical so she's not invincible.

Otherwise its a good come back story that gives a lot of opportunities for revenge and forgiveness stories that could be extremely interesting