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12-20-2012, 11:10 AM
After using Aux2Batt your Aux is dropped to 5. It will drop to zero is any or the following happen:

1. Your Aux was boosted and loses its boost. Eg you use plas leech and stopped shooting or use MACO and are no longer being shot at or use a boff ability like Energy Syphon prior to using Aux2batt and it weres off.

2. You use Aux2batt w/a high Aux preset, then move to another preset w/a lower Aux value.

3. Someone drains the last bit of Aux you had or their pet does.

4. You use something like Aux based weapons that drains your Aux further.

For the Fleet Torkaht as an example I could w/using 1 Aux2batt have rsp1 x2, dem 3x2 and epts3 x nearly 2. That's basically an extra lt boff to counter the aux2batt slot, an extra commander and lt commander boff. Not to mention the boosts it gives to the cooldowns of other Boff powers.

As I mentioned before compare that to the price the KDF Fleet BoP pays for having a 2nd Lt Commander Boff, 16k hull ...

Or compare it to the chance based Doffs that are needed to just drive the EPTx cooldowns down, or the number of attack pattern doffs needed for the same effect on just attack patterns, or the number of energy weapon Doffs to reduce BO cooldowns, or the number of Tac doffs needed to reduce cannon ability cooldowns. Yet, Tech doffs effect ALL Boffs not just a few.

I agree it can be fun to fly, but that doesn't mean I can't see how out of whack it is compared what else is out there.