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12-20-2012, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
PvPers did not ask for this change. They asked for the bug to be fixed. The same bug you mentioned. The same bug you said you would have been fine fixing. The tooltip said per 6. The PvPers said it should be per 6. They didn't ask for it to be per 6 and nerfed to Hell. Just the bug fix. Like you even stated here that it needed to be fixed - that per 6 would have been perfect.

Here is an entire thread dedicated to nerfing this power and, and includes many posts upset with the amount of healing and not necessarily the bugged issue - it also includes nerf calls to the placate proc passive.

Whether the fix was needed or not, went too far or not is another matter - but what you claim above is simply untrue.

To be clear, I do think the Devs should be listening to PvP concerns as PvP is still a part of this game no matter the state that it's in. I just disagree with the idea that there is no one at all listening (even if they haven't, or possibly can't, addressed every concern).

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