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12-20-2012, 10:50 AM
I personally like it overall. And I liked it more on repeat viewings.

-Bland direction: didn't really get the most out of the actors with the exception of maybe Tom Hardy, whom I liked as a villain.
-Interior action scenes were unexciting.
-B4 was kind of useless as a sub-plot.
-Ron Pearlman was criminally under-utilized. It's frickin Hellboy for crying out loud, give him more to do!
-Data getting <redacted.

Things I liked:
-It's Star Trek.
-Shinzon is an interesting villain and Tom Hardy a good actor (BANE!!)
-Romulans. Even though the movies wasn't really about them, I always long for more Romulans. Far too little of them in the series and movies.
-Good space battle. Badass ship designs as well.
-Guinan getting in a good one liner.
-Wesley cut from the movie.
-Good music, fun callbacks to prior scores as well.
-Data not really getting <redacted>

So yeah. Not my favorite but not all bad. Definitely better than Star Trek V.
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