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12-20-2012, 11:55 AM
My problem is slightly different. I'll be playing and then the screen will turn black as if shutting down, then go back to normal.

It does it frequently and this has not happened to me before. I took about a half year break and now i'm back ready to play and this problem pops up.

Its very frustrating and makes the game unplayable since it also causes lag to occur. My buddy of mine saw me lagging which just so happened to occur when my screen would go black.

If anyone has had that problem, please help, it isnt my computer because I played STO smoothly last time I was on here, my Comp is only a year old and I can also play other games without issues such as this.

I cant get a screenshot because there is nothing to screenshot, it just goes black, lags, then goes back to normal and repeats at a very frequent rate.

I hope this update fixes it, i'm getting tired of this problem, but if anyone has a solution or idea, please share it.