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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
except it makes the "chance based doff for emergency power cooldown" useless because this is a sure thing every time its used.

also, when there is a doff power that is so far reaching it leaves little room to introduce new doffs.

take the team cooldown doff before it was split into 3.

maybe they need to introduce 2 new boff power-

currently we have aux to batteries. it takes from aux and gives power to the other systems.

why not have boff powers that do that but take power from other systems? example- for science take from engines or weapons, and for tactical take from shields or engines.

then make the aux to battery affect only engineer powers and then make the 2 new powers effect their respective trees- the science one would effect science, the tactical one would effect tacitcal.

and then of course whatever power is drained from would boost the other subsystems.
From a Captain perspective, I can see where Tac can live w/o Aux, Sci can live w/o Weapon, and Eng can live w/o Engines for a brief period and boost all other systems like Aux2Batt does.

Regarding Doff boosts I'd rather see it only boost 1 high end power (Lt Commander) or boost the cooldowns of a couple of Lt/En Slots. How to go about that?, idk given the variety of Boff layouts and hybrid/universal options on ships now. Or have it do nothing to Boff cooldowns and have it reduce Captain power cooldowns SLIGHTLY.

Edit: Given all the other Doffs toes this steps on I'm leaning toward doing away w/Boff cooldowns for Tech doffs and something else. There already are numerous Sci, Tac, Team reducing cooldowns. If anything make them specific to specific Engineering abilities w/long cooldowns like EWP/DEM/Ace Beam and not effect the aux2batt at all. Then introduce Weapons to Batt and Engines to Batt in case people want alternatives to Aux to Batt and then have another group of Doffs have a chanced based effect like there is for EPTX.

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