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# 1 Fleets ? Why Should I Bother ?
12-20-2012, 11:26 AM
I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and I have managed to get to LVL50.

Although I am Free2Play I decided that there was not much on offer in the monthly subscription that would be of any use to me but I have sown my support so far in buying a nice Tactical Cruiser !

Anyway, to my point....

In my first few days I was invited to join a "Fleet" ?

I had no idea what it meant at the time and so just accepted the request to join and left it at that....

Now though I am wondering what it's all about ?

I have been looking at the fleet page for the last few days but all I can see is that I am expected to pour all my hard earned fleet marks, dilitium etc... Give away my bridge officers ? And my duty officers ?


Since it takes me many hours to actually build in form of stock of any of these things it begs the question.....

What exactly is in it for me ? Is there something I can gain from this ?

I am currently pouring quite a bit into the "Rep" system but I still like the idea of helping my Fleet out, but I first need to decide if it's worth my while ?

Thanks in advance for any answers.