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We've added a test item vendor to Tribble!
  • The purpose of this vendor is for the developers of Star Trek Online to be able to receive and respond to your feedback on these items and powers, without needing to wait until they are available on Holodeck, and without requiring max-level in the Reputation system.
  • With that in mind, some of the high-tier rewards that won't be obtainable on Holodeck for several weeks may require polish.
    • There may be some bugs and placeholder animations or FX.
  • Season 7 Test Items:
    • Players may now visit a contact on DS9 that will allow them to purchase many different items that would otherwise require high tiers of Reputations in order to obtain.
    • Several store inventories are available, and include old and new Omega and Romulan Space Sets, Omega Ground Sets, and all of the newly-introduced unique items associated with each of these Reputations.
    • There is also a TEST ITEM inventory which includes Consoles for space and Armors for ground that will grant players the powers associated with the Reputation Trees.
      • Different variants are available, and each contains different powers.
  • This vendor is only going to be available for a limited amount of time.