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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
- Ah yeah, forgot about that bit, a full blood transfusion or something, been a while since i last watched and payed attention

- But still where did the B4 pop up from ^^

- its a bit of a worry when neither of us can remeber the guys name XD such a memorable and well write character, as for geordi, knowing his luck it would have been him doing a kirk xD poor georgi in TNG normally being the one getting thrown about O.o'
Yeah, something about needing all Picard's DNA to stabilize his own... Everything was done so he would be able to live, and of course, bringing Picard to him, was easier than cruising the galaxy in the Scimitar trying to track him down

Yeah, B4's origin was a bit of a "It's here, accept it..." kind of thing, but equally, Soong must have had various prototypes prior to Lore and Data. A bit of a stretch to believe that Shinzon was able to track him down though...

I was about to say that thinking about it, I don't remember the viceroy being mentioned by name, but someone's beaten me to it