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12-20-2012, 12:22 PM
Also you never posted you build, there are some pretty bright guys here that I am sure can take a look at it an constructive critique if (if it need that).
I agree with that, the least you can do now is post your build, so that we see if there something to be done, i am a tactical like you and fly the same ship you have and spec it with pvp in mind, i have even reduced to minimum my tanking skill to favor dps everytime it was a reasonable choice.

I use to fly my tact toon in kerrat, that how i have elaborate my tanking setup, then since this was still not sufficient to survive 3 good escort, i have then switch to a former eng toon,
Here i become almost unkillable ( i was the first surprised ) and continu to perfect my tanking setup, some people didn't want to fight me, they said i was boring, some call me flying hospital, i didn't find something wrong with that until i realize i wasn't able to kill anyone.
They either break engagement and i wasn't able to seriously pursuit them, or they call back up and my engi firepower wasn't able to kill one before they kill me.
So what happened there is rather unusual, i decide to fly an escort to better know them and fight them afterward. But something happened i did not anticipate...
I fall in love with escort playstyle in pvp, it was and i still think it is much more exiting than most of the cruiser, i loosing every escort to escort fight, but i didn't care, it was so exiting, i was having so much fun.
Yeah, to a point where i said to myself, i can not fly any cruiser again!
What a slap in the face when i get back to my galaxy x! So slowwww, no firepower...boring!
So i decide to roll a new toon for him to play with the galaxy x from time to time, i couldn't abandon him totaly, and continu using the current toon for my pvp pleasure with escort.
That was just before season 5 grind feast came out.
Of course i make some changes to the cruiser build to make it less tanky, the idea was and still is that you may be able to kill me faster but i will take one of you down before you do.

So i level the toon to level 50 then get to stf to equiped him with borg weapons and maco gear, when that was done i get back to my tact toon and baught the defiant go directly in stf to equiped him as well.
There an other things happened, i quickly anderstand i don't like pve in escort.
So i regretably get back to my gal x to finish equiped this toon, but with not much faith.
But the change mades to the game help me to reapreciate the cruiser playstyle.
The doff system greatly improve my survivability with the reduction of tact and i think i have at last find the right balance between firepower and survivabiliti.
Why do i tell you all this? Because even if you may think you are at the maximum of what this ship can do, they may be area that can be improve or change, the other can help you with that, and i honestly bielieve i can too.
So please post your build and we will see.