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12-20-2012, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This behavior does exist, and it a concern that's not being ignored. To be clear, it's existed since Launch, but has been amplified by Tricobalt Mines due to the massive amount of damage they can deal on a crit.

We've requested this to become a high priority for our Software team. But to be honest, there are a vast number of issues that are "high priority" on their list right now. As such, we (the Systems Team) can't guarantee any sort of timeline on a fix.
I don't think this is a negative behavious... and honestly don't want to see this changed... for a few reasons.

1) I think its fine as is... when you HY or Spread something it is counting as one pull for procs yes... so why not crits as well... I don't think this is an issue as long as crits are not mega sized.

2) From what I understand of the engine if you guys fix this... we are likely to see future bugs where Chance to proc bonuses are likely to get chances on every single dot... and every single hit of say a spread torp ect. Frankly the way it works is fine... please don't intro this possible can of worms.