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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
- Granting a Point Defense system to Battleship and Dreadnought NPCs that would deal a tiny amount of damage per pulse (<50 dmg, does not ignore shields, no procs), but pulses very frequently and favors the nearest target.
*** This would be a soft-counter to Mine Spam One-Shots, but would have the side effect of making them nearly immune to High Yield torpedoes. (We also have the option of forcing it to target -only- mines, if necessary.)

I think an anti-mine point defense system on cruisers in general is not a bad idea. It would give them a limited ability to protect teammates at close range without necessarily making mines useless and help with the defensive role.

But there are already consoles that act as point defense against HYT and I don't think giving any ship an auto-nuke against torps is a good idea.

Maybe a better idea is an Electronic Warfare point defense that can be activated to temporarily make a ship invisible to torpedoes and mines, or drop a decoy or chaff, or something like that. You're not actually destroying the mine or torpedo, you're just forcing it to disregard a target and to focus on a different one.
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