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12-20-2012, 12:52 PM
Hrmm, two things come to mind based on the discussion so far:

1) The chain crit being the main issue. I can't think of a tric thread where it hasn't been brought up. Sure, folks always argue X, Y, and Z - that it's this, that, etc - but chain crit is always brought up. As mai said, it's not just with trics - it's noticeable with them more than many things, but c'mon have you ever had a Breen Cluster and a DPB3 Trans where both crit? It's a beautiful thing to, but beautiful to watch. It can happen with other things as well. Given the increase in crit chance available (spec for it, Borg, Tachyo, 0Point, Romulan Passive, going CrtH on the weapons, etc) - chain crits are rough. Not a suggestion to nerf CrtH in the least, mind you - just there's a problem with chain crits and it's going to become more apparent as time goes on.

2) The PDS thing... yeah, um... the carrier thing mentioned came to mind first. Perhaps a PDS with low Acc and the Mines being given low Def. So the PDS would be more likely to hit the Mines rather than pets, eh? With THY or other targetable devices, the various items could have various Def stats - cause there's even the Def bonus with the Rom set, no? In this way, the PDS (with some sort of CD) would have a decent chance of taking out Mines at a certain point but it wouldn't necessarily slaughter pets during the time period that it's active.