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12-20-2012, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by earwigvr6 View Post
I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and I have managed to get to LVL50.

Although I am Free2Play I decided that there was not much on offer in the monthly subscription that would be of any use to me but I have sown my support so far in buying a nice Tactical Cruiser !

Anyway, to my point....

In my first few days I was invited to join a "Fleet" ?

I had no idea what it meant at the time and so just accepted the request to join and left it at that....

Now though I am wondering what it's all about ?

I have been looking at the fleet page for the last few days but all I can see is that I am expected to pour all my hard earned fleet marks, dilitium etc... Give away my bridge officers ? And my duty officers ?


Since it takes me many hours to actually build in form of stock of any of these things it begs the question.....

What exactly is in it for me ? Is there something I can gain from this ?

I am currently pouring quite a bit into the "Rep" system but I still like the idea of helping my Fleet out, but I first need to decide if it's worth my while ?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
As someone who has been burnt out on various fleets... I made the one I'm currently in tell me reasons why I should bother joining them. Basically act like a free agent in any major sport and have the teams 'sell' you why you should be affiliated with them while at the same time making sure to tell them how you play.