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Originally Posted by earwigvr6 View Post
Thanks for the replies.

As said when I first started I didn't have a clue what was happening which is why I accepted.

The fleet is BrotherHood Of Space Cadets is that means anything to anyone ?

Think I might start adding things to my fleet and see what happens as it looks like there are some goodies to be ahd that will be beneficial.

Do you have to complete these goals to get anything ? So if I was the only one giving up my goodies and nobody else bothered I would get nothing ?
Yes and no. When you contribute things to the projects, you earn "Fleet Credits". Most of the things that you can buy from the fleet store will require a certain number of these credits, so earning some is a good thing.

However, you will notice that when a project is completely filled, it goes onto a countdown timer. When the timer completes, your fleet earns XP, and the next project is started. You fleet 'levels' just like you do. There are 5 tiers for the starbase, and 3 tiers for the embassy. As more projects are completed, your starbase or embassy goes up in tiers. As it goes up in tiers, different things become available for purchase from the store. For example, if you starbase reaches tier 3 in the military branch, you can purchase a Fleet tactical escort retrofit ship. If it reaches tier 3 in engineering, you can buy Elite Fleet ground weapons.

So, to answer your question, you personally gain fleet credits when you donate. But unless the projects get completed, the starbase wont advance. If you are the only one donating, but you are able to fill the projects, then the starbase is advancing. If you are the only one donating, but the projects aren't getting filled, then the starbase is in effect stalled.
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