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*Dalos Alpha Prime. Sam's body's almost been completely healed and she's been released from the Hospital. She's standing at the top of a cliff near the planet's largest Ocean (the same one the Dreadnought crashed in) when 3 figures - one dressed in a suit, the other two dressed in black - walk up behind her.*

Suited figure: Captain Allington?

*Sam turns around, looks in shock, then snaps to attention and salutes.*

Sam: Mr President.

President O'Neil: Relax Sam, I'm not here to strain your spine.

*Sam relaxes and the President waves his bodyguards away.*

Sam: To what do I owe the pleasure?

President O'Neil: Two things: 1) Everyone on this planet owe their lives at least partially to you. While the Odysseus' escape wasn't vital to destroying the Cube, it did save most of your crew, while mortally wounding you in the process.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't offer you a promotion to Rear Admiral Lower Half right now.

Sam: Because I wouldn't accept it. I don't like what's happened to command over the past few years.

O'Neil: I understand. Change is coming though.

Sam: It's not just that.

O'Neil: I know.

2) An Iconian Transport came through the Orbital Gate yesterday. They've asked to meet representatives from every major Galactic Power, save the USC.

There are about 50 Diplomats lined up for the job, but you have more experience with the Iconians.

Sam: With respect, sir. The last time I saw an Iconian ship first-hand it destroyed 754 of 758 Allied ships, including the R.S.S. Republic.

O'Neil: We at least want to hear what they have to say. There's every chance that they want piece as much as we do.

And if its a trap...

Like I said, you have more experience.

Sam: Pretty useless if I have nothing to beat them with.

O'Neil: We have a rough idea of what it takes to destroy one of their Motherships, so we think we have something that can handle that Transport.

*He taps a control on his wrist and the two are beamed onto the Bridge of a highly advanced Republic starship.*

Captain Allington, may I present; The R.S.S. Republic. RSI 21940-A

Matthew Neilson-Class Battleship, built specifically to fight the Iconian threat. She has the most advanced technology in our arsenal; Quincentenary Regenerative Shield Shield Systems - Five Shield Generators powering two Shield Bubbles and one Shield Grid simultaneously, each three times as strong as those on an Titan-Class - a Mk VII Subspace Coil, boosting Power output by 600% - 4 Forward and 6 Aft Torpedo Launchers. An array of Zero Point Energy Cannons--

Sam: Hold on. You mean this things PRIMARY weapon uses the same energy as Quantum Torpedoes?

O'Neil: Yep. She's also armed with the standard multi-frequencial phaser package, 500 Quantum-Phased Torpedoes, and 300 Transphasic Torpedoes. She's got Energy emissive armour too.

Her Fold-jump drive has the same range as the Titan and the ship itself is just as fast. She also has the finest sensor package in the fleet.

Sam: How does she power...?

O'Neil: That's the beauty of it. *He directs Sam to a trolley with a small metal cylinder on it. The cylinder is emitting bright white light from transparent aluminium slots at the ends.*

That is a matter-antimatter energy module, or MAM for short. There are hundreds all over the ship. Not only do these power secondary systems, but also matter and antimatter replicators in either end, meaning once you start one of these up, you've got self-perpetuating energy.

Sam: Like a warp core.

O'Neil: Similar. The power can also be re-routed to augment primary power when needed as well.

She's yours if you want her.

Sam: Are you serious?! *Clears throat* I-- I mean; yes sir!

O'Neil: Well then, get your crew ready and get to Lanco.

*6 hours later. After the Republic's new crew (many from the Odysseus) beams up, including Matt and T'mar, the ship Fold-jumps into Lanco III orbit.

Sam beams down and meets Vala, S'vak, the UFP representative and Bra'mec in the Alpha Site Conference Room.*

*OOC: Logan, Voporak, either of you can take over the UFP representative if you want (you could make him one of your main characters, perhaps?), just remember that the UFP is a willing vassal of the Iconian Empire at this time.*
Ambassoder Aron: well looks like the only one invited that didn't show is the dominion. But then again tht doesn't surprise me. I'm glad to see you survived captain. The Borg are not an easy enemy to defeat.