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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post

- The stealth value on Tricobalt Mines has been reduced by approximately 25% (this should allow them to be seen from about 1k further than previous).
Would it also be possible to have them be "always visible"

(im not going to be able to explain it properly.. but will try)

Some point before/during Season 7, the targeting of small enemies and allies changed, you would have to go into your options to turn them on again, quite a few people dont know this, heck i didnt know how to fix it for a few weeks,
While small/targetable enemies/allies lost their targeting hardpoint/reticle, Tricobalt torpedos remained targetable, i.e. you didnt have to go into your settings to make sure your UI always made sure to point out tric torps, could this also be possible for the Tric mines? For all us slow people who dont think to change the settings? ^^

(side note, for some reason the spell check wont accept reticle, odd.. :p)
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