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12-20-2012, 02:29 PM
What about a compromise on the number of free DOFF's you can get at one time?

Right now, if you run a General Recruitment assignment you get (and pay for) a small pack of DOFFs.

What if they made an assignment available that gave you one free random DOFF every 1d? (or maybe every 3 days, so the General Recruitment assignments still have value)

I'd also like to see 1-for-1 exchanges at minimal cost to get a random DOFF from a specific department. It could be limited to common DOFFs to make it a little easier to satisfy fleet project requirements, or extended to be able to trade green for green, and blue for blue.

These 1-for-1 exchanges could be time-gated by duration or cooldown to keep people from running them over and over until they get exactly what they want, but just putting a cost on them might be restrictive enough.
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