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Ambassoder Aron: well looks like the only one invited that didn't show is the dominion. But then again tht doesn't surprise me. I'm glad to see you survived captain. The Borg are not an easy enemy to defeat.
Sam: Thank you, Ambassador.

Alright Ambassador Bra'mec, what did you call us here for?

Bra'mec: We understand that your peoples have had success against a race of mechanical creatures called the Synthesisers.

S'vak: None of us have ever heard that name before.

Sam: Actually... General... I have.

*Sam experiences a flashback. She's on an operating table 5 years ago, immediately after her father's death. There are men surrounding her in black uniforms and a forcefield's holding her down. A hypo takes a large sample of blood from her body as an Intravenous drip sends some kind of drug into her body. In a bay on the other side of the lab is a metal device. It's an AISD (Artificial Intelligence Service Drone). There's a cable connecting it to a synaptic data-feed on Sam's forehead.

Sam passes out.

She snaps out of the flashback and looks at everyone in the room, like she'd just seen a ghost.*

Vala: Where did they come from?

Sam *Choking on the words.*: Me.

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