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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
- Granting a Point Defense system to Battleship and Dreadnought NPCs that would deal a tiny amount of damage per pulse (<50 dmg, does not ignore shields, no procs), but pulses very frequently and favors the nearest target.
*** This would be a soft-counter to Mine Spam One-Shots, but would have the side effect of making them nearly immune to High Yield torpedoes. (We also have the option of forcing it to target -only- mines, if necessary.)

We're particularly interested in hearing feedback on these last two options, as we're still deliberating whether or not they are a necessity, or even a good idea.
Targetting only mines would be goofy, in my opinion.

But why add such a system at all? There are several ways already that allow to shoot down incoming targetable projectiles: Fire At Will, Photonic Shockwave, Eject Warp Plasma, Acetone Assimilators... I'd say give those ships one or more of those, with the regular boff-trained-to-the-max cooldown.
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