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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Please don't say that using an aux to bat build weakens a ship significantly due to aux being lower. Use a battery.

Please don't say that using 3 doff slots is a significant opportunity cost. Anyone that stacks doffs uses up 3 slots. So that's not an unusual cost burden to this build. It is not worthy of note. It improves ALL boff abilities. That is unusual to this buid. That is significant.

Using Aux to batt is an actual ability. It has a benefit just from using it, and that benefit isn't small. So although it may not be a stellar ability, it isn't a useless one.

Affecting engineering powers alone would be a GREAT way of nerfing this build. No one would use it. Ever. It would be garbage. I don't see how that would be bad.

This isn't my two cents. I used the change from your two cents that you left on the counter.

It was a nickel.

Cheers and happy reduced cooldowns!!
Batteries will not increase aux levels while a2b drain is avtive, .....nothing will . For an eng to give up Aux2SiF is huge, having 5 -0 aux for significant amounts of time is huge. SO far A2B builds are the only thing in STO spac combat that actually deserves the name "opportunity cost" in the sense it has one. Most Doffs Cd reducing or not don't have anything resembling opportunity cost SNB, DEM....
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