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12-20-2012, 02:04 PM
I would like to add to PaxOttomana's lengthy detail, on two fronts:

  • The damage variance nerf is a definite plus. Ideally, the one-crit-all-crit would be fixed too, but since you've already said it's on the backburner I'll let it slide. Generally toning down the randomness or freak nature of the mines is a very positive direction to head towards.
  • The proposed nerfs, while welcome, are not even remotely close to truly balancing tric mines, and more importantly they miss the crucial factor that's turned them into such a threat.

    When a DPB3 (or even some lower ranks) is laid out, what happens is that the extremely high per-mine damage will first knock out a facing, and the rest of the mines will hit bare hull. The issue is with how dispersal patterns affect tric mines, and any nerf will not have a substantial effect in game unless you as developers start there.

In truth, I wish trics weren't in the game. Silly RNG-type one-shot weapons belong in a mid-90s Final Fantasy or some kind of single-player game, they're terrible for PvP. Luck can be a fun element in a multiplayer setting, but there's a limit; no one enjoys being one-shotted because the RNG gods didn't smile upon thee that day. And in any case, trics are so brutally strong right now that you really don't even need a good crit roll. Just mash your face over DPB3, hit an immobilize and profit.

If you're not willing to remove tricobalt mines from STO, I'd propose one of two major solutions:

  • Remove the interaction between dispersal patterns and tric mines;
  • Nerf the damage per mine between patterns so that extra mines deal 50%, 25% and 10% for DPB1, DPB2, and DPB3 respectively. There's some leeway for numbers here I guess but the idea is that extra tric mines are only minor supplementary damage to the main tric mine laid out.

Myself and my fleetmates are more than willing to demonstrate the issues with trics to any interested devs, and we're in almost complete concurrence about the gravity of the situation.

I would also like to add that the rest of the mines will not be affected by tric nerfs, and that many mine types are very viable as weapons as it stands (chron, tachyon, trannies, maybe quants).

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