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12-20-2012, 02:10 PM
I have a question and some observations.

1) Has the way the STF ground gears sets changed in the way they display? I know you can toggle the appearance on and off via the toggle display which is fine, but it seems we cant customize them any more.
So I bought a XII honour guard set for example. I can get the visuals to display but I cant set it to take off the helmet or the cape or change the colours. So is it all or nothing now, or should we still be able to change the appearance in the tailor, because its not letting me.

I was still able to make adjustments to my XI gear I had already purchesed pre season 7

2) There was a visual problem with the MACO XI gear when used with the wells uniform. The toggle switch would only display the bottom of the uniform while the top still showed the Wells.

3) The romulan XII space set, suggest the engines have a visual that can be adjusted but there was no difference to how they are normally. I would imagine they are meant to be green but they look normal no matter if you toggle them on or off.

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