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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
STO is first and foremost judged by the CONTENT it releases. And when Star Trek fans say content, we are talking STORY
Not certanly for players from the Americas (and Latin Europe). For us "story" is the last in our list of prioties, since STO isn't translated yet into Spanish.

And considering this, we also believe that CONTENT, in a STO MMO implies more than single-coop player story missions, but more and less instancied interactive content (specially PVP), that get us INTO the Star Trek universe.

Cause that is what is about the entire idea of an Star Trek videogame. For tell us histories we have the series, movies and also the books, but in a videogame is not the point, but the possibility of you being the captain of your own adventire, and that your decitions affects to the quadrants, something that is the basis on every MMO, but not this one yet.

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