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12-20-2012, 02:20 PM
A shadowy admission process could make sense. Starfleet Intelligence would rather keep an eye on this super soldier and experiment her during her enrollment. Other than that, nothing comes explicitly to mind.

The human weaknesses are a good touch. Once again, with the healing I'd tie it to something- a medication or supplement that fuels her excelerated biological processes. So if she gets caught without it for long periods of time, she becomes vulnerable. It would still allow her to be unique though, if the supplement is poisonous to unmodified life forms. Could also be used as leverage against her at some point.
She does still seem kind of like harkness- while I wouldn't remove it from her past, she totally healed a hole in the head independent of any aid.

And a Dr Who crossover too? I've been meaning to check one of those out.