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Originally Posted by havam View Post
Batteries will not increase aux levels while a2b drain is avtive, .....nothing will . For an eng to give up Aux2SiF is huge, having 5 -0 aux for significant amounts of time is huge. SO far A2B builds are the only thing in STO spac combat that actually deserves the name "opportunity cost" in the sense it has one. Most Doffs Cd reducing or not don't have anything resembling opportunity cost SNB, DEM....
EPtA does restore aux, I just checked. I didn't check if using other aux boostsers after using EPtA to restore are effective, but I would speculate they would.

Also, even if it didn't that drawback is in regards to the Boff ability not the Doff ability. The only opportunity cost of the doffs is other doffs. But, why use other doffs which reduce select Boff cooldowns if you can use Aux2batt and reduce all Boff cooldowns?

Also, what can't Aux2Sif and Aux2Batt be rolled one after the other?

Maybe it's b/c I don't use key binds, but I don't see anything but upside to using this ability and a big one at that.

Edit: I used aux2batt, then epta aux boosted, then aux bat, which did work to max aux ...

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