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# 1 My first KDF toon: Thoughts
12-20-2012, 03:38 PM
So I have been playing STO for most of 2012 as a Federation character and I've had a lot of fun with her, bought her an Excelsior, Borg Boff and got plenty of sets and advancement in a fleet and rep system.

Last week I looked at that KDF slot and thought, why not? As a huge Trekkie I know how awesome the Klingons are and I fancied trying my first TAC instead of the ENG I had used with the Federation since day one.

K'Narvok was born, my Klingon TAC officer. I finished him and knew immediatley that I wanted to fly some Raptors. Im now level 40. I have, as usual, lurked the forums and read the wiki for KDF tips and advice. Here are my initial impressions:

1. PVP is a damn blast. Alpha strike. Cannon rapid fire. Torpedo High yield. Tactical Team. De-cloak. Federation dude panics as my DHC's rip through his hull...boom.

You FEEL like such a predator/badass stalking another player, chatting with other KDF warriors for the right moment to strike. Im posting this just after logging off following a 15-2 victory. I came first and never died. Its exhilirating compared to PVP as a fed.

2. Marauding. Until I played, I hadn't a clue what this was but jeez: resources just aren't a problem for KDF. I have been playing my KDF toon for a week and I have 25 contraband stocked and tens of thousands of dilithium. Attack transports, sell prisoners, sell contraband. Its a doddle with the KDF.

3. A few days back I got that replica Kahless Bat'leth. Walked through that [awesome] jungle/crashed BOP mission sluaghtering Hirogen fools with it. Again: you feel like a complete badass.

4. Speaking of the missions: they are fun! Being on the Barge of the Dead certainly made me smile.

5. Reading the forum, I understand you guys would recommend I fly a BOP instead of my raptor but either way: the KDF ships look mean. And thats very enjoyable. My new Mirror Qin just looks menacing where ever it is.

So my main is still FED but I'll be damned if the KDF isn't a tonne of fun. I just thought I'd add some positive feedback for the faction [that im still getting used to] and it definitely deserves some more focus.