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Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
You shouldnt assume that people are new if they never heard about it. I myself have been in STO for over 3 yrs and havent heard of this fleet either online nor forums.

BTW, can they (Cryptic) also secure interviews with other fleets? I'm favor of free publicity but there are tons of "great" fleets out there who would like to be given the same treatment. Just saying fair is fair and the forum should be open to "all" fleets not just exclusive rights to information.

...and yes being preemptive for those who will question my opinion as this is an open forum. I salute your right to question as you should salute/respect my right to utter my own personal opinion.
Problem is your opinion is...misguided. As Cassie said we ask them, and I'm sure any fleet is welcome to reach out to them for an interview.
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