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Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Does the New Romulus Adventure Zone count?
Well, its a great innovation meaning an adventure zone full of social "mini-games". It's kinda cool, but... I personaly would like to feel myself into a grat Star Trek adventure, defeating klingons (true pvpeers klingons) in order to dominate some sector of the quadrant.

Bout New Romulus, well, the same problem mentioned above for Americas and South Europe, tons of text that are meaningless for us (I personally understand some english, but when im playing i dont like to put too much effort translating tons of text).

I dont understand why the producer of STO hasnt yet decided to launch the game into the huge Star Trek fanbase and gamer community of Americas and Spain.

Then we may agree with those who ask for more Story content but for now, we only past our time Pvpeing, cause "pew pew" is an universal language
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