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I Dont Know about the Griefers that spawn camp in Kerrat with Trico-Mines/

But Me for One Love the Variability it gives me and My Fleet and Allied Fleeties in other Wise Boring Space STF's after Months And Months of doing this say in CSE MRRML over and Over and Over gets BORING.

yes if you Re-SPec your toon into making the functionality of the tricos boosted.
and Yes if you layout your Ship Consoles bridge officers and Space Doff to help with your timing and probabilities that could help you you CAN have a ball.

Yes i Have A trico-Bomber and i use that on Space STF's i have tried PVP at Kerrat but the delays and timing associated with that build doesn't work well against a seasoned and skilled PVP'er..( the ones that know how to counter an opponents attacks efficiently)

Myself and Fellow Trico-Bombers Have Fun In a Game that we Enjoy.

just have a look at some of the Video's we have done.

you will change / Nerf our Fun but true Players will always find a way to research into how a weapon, Console, BOFF, DOFF or Toon Skill tree can help or Boost what and how they want to play a GAME.

i am in this to Have fun with my friends and fleeties.

If someone is Griefing or trolling gamers "PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO VOTE BOOT"

Finally if you are going to Change / Alter /Nerf the game at least give us a free FREE .
Respec to allow us to use the game that WE PAY FOR.

and yes i am a lifetime subscriber.