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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
That's how we feel all the time! That's why we're always confused by the doom and gloom we see on here sometimes.
If I may...

I always feel better after these chats/interviews.

Especially Stahl's.

I think one thing that happens is that you guys don't want to swamp us with details, design philosophies that aren't set in stone, etc.

And maybe Dan could leak too much in the past.

But I think sometimes the aversion to leaking, from the outside, feels to members of the community like marketing speak, like we're being talked down to.

And that's probably what most players want. They want simple info and a sales pitch.

But the folks on the forums are long timers and I think almost everyone here has pretty surprisingly deep knowledge of the game IN SOME ASPECT. (Not always the same aspect.) And have pet features they've also been waiting on longer than the average player and have spent more than the average player. (It feels like everybody here has at least one lockbox ship, whether they got it from a lockbox or not. And if they got it elsewhere, they took considerable time or knowledge of the game's economy.)

And so, maybe spinning things a bit, folks here are eager to learn. The philosophies behind the game. How projects work (in order to pitch a way to get their pet project through). How Cryptic's financial accounting works (I'll cop to being very fascinated with that and having spent hours talking through this with folks off the forums).

And any MMO forum has negativity. But moreso than any other MMO I've played, the folks here seem to almost crave job training in what you do. And this is probably what somebody eager for job training looks like when you let the politeness wear off and don't have a paycheck to look forward to. We've all gone full Hobbit to Gollum at some point.

But I think this is one of the best communities out there. And I'd be intrigued to see what one of Dan's proposed Foundry author weekends would look like. I've always wanted to see the studios and been jealous of the folks who got to fly out there.

Maybe after awhile to you guys, it's all cubicles and co-workers after awhile. I had the same experience with jobs and colleges I attended. But I know that for me, it's insight into how something works. I eat insight up. And even with NDAs out the wazoo (I've never broken one), knowing how something works is rewarding and not knowing how something works generally leads me to run around reading tea leaves. With me, I know, there is no "not knowing." There's pretty much what I know and what I can make up that fits what I have.

And that's probably not all that uncommon for other folks here who are like me.