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12-20-2012, 04:51 PM
I just tested using aux2batt, then epta, then aux batt. It went over 100 aux. I haven't bothered to test w/plas leech or anyother power gain or manually shifiting to a high aux preset b/c at that point why?

The Fleet Torkhat can do a lot of damage using aux2batt while reducing dem3 cooldown to effectively having 2xdem3, same w/rsp1 and nearly the same w/epts3. A player could go the crf2 route for spike or the apo cvs1 route for pressure defense.

Any ship w/a lt Eng and at least another Ens Eng boff slot will be able to run aux2batt w/epts, epta and w/e other boffs they want to reduce the cooldown of at least 30% if not 60% or w/e the shared cooldown is depending on the skills cooldown.