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12-20-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by erkyss2 View Post
Well, IMO, first solution looks just fine. Altho some ppl wll say that some counters dont work on them, actually they do. I`ve been playin a bit with trics on my sci, did some matches to to see what will happen, and how many kills i will get with "one shot". Well result of kills is rly low - why? Mines are easy to counter, in lot of cases when i tryed to kill some1 with them i failed. Tricobalts where destroyed by; CSV, torp spreads, TBR`s, etc etc. OR, my target was very well prepared to mines and had EPtS + TT on (probably even more resistance than that), OR they just ran off like U - KNOW - WHO. Not to mention enemy`s pets, photonic fleet, and enemy`s players mines as well.

I know my reply will be hardly attacked but IDK,

One crits all crits issue, dunno, DHC`s are also critting like crazy, just take a not how many times escort will "cloak" while firing on you

I always killed my target with them all it took was a little timing and a good old scramble/ams and a tractorbeam then a subnuke if they tried any runaways was a 99% chance to kill the other guy lol. Just dropping a mine 1vs1 never really worked on its own real well but if spammed with 2 mines you could overcome the targets defense cool-downs! In large fights they worked real good especially if you were kdf vs feds!

I am glad to see they are finely going to look at these I will no longer be able to easily do a one man infected which was laughable that anyone could do this in the first place!