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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Of course that's why I put a field generator on my fed and a emitter amplifier on my klinker in the one sci slot that I have on both of them. I already get the shield HP boost from the HG shield. I still have to work more on my klink than I do on my fed. 5% versus 10% bleedthrough isn't what I am talking about. The problem isn't my hull and as for the 10% all energy damage that the maco gives, I'm looking forward to the adapted HG shield.. will be the first thing I get at tier 5.

Like I said.. we'll see when I get the adapted gear.
From what I've read the amplifier boost is based on the value of the shield's regen. So, you'll get less of a boost using a coveriant shield than a regen shield. Also, while the cap modifier is 1.1 idk if the regen modifier follows or is reduced like many KDF ship regen modifiers are. I never tested this.