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Originally Posted by soiduts View Post
Why can't we just have an option in the setting to turn off those shader changes that were added in season 7 so that brings us back to the graphics levels of season 6, but allows people with higher end video cards to have the increased graphics?
Quoting this so it can be ignored some more.

I mean what's fair is fair. If the best advice we can get from them is "roll back your drivers", "why don't you roll back your self-admitted broken shader settings" seems like a pretty fair response to me.

Listen, I'm not trying to troll up the forums saying that. I get that about 90% of these STO forums on the whole are people complaining about things that don't actually need fixing and it makes for incredibly awful reading, and I wouldn't want to post here if I was a Cryptic employee either. That's part of why I don't post more.

This is something that actually needs fixing. This is a serious hardware issue, and I shouldn't have to risk hard-resetting my CPU because I go near the Borg Invasion Zone (which I have to avoid like it's the plague, as one example of a trouble spot).

Even if it was a temporary "fix" on Cryptic's end by disabling the offending effects/settings and dealing with the fallout from there, it would be clunky as hell as far as fixes go, but it would still be a vast improvement.

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