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Originally Posted by deyvad View Post
Guys, don't assume it's the OP that clicked the wrong STF, the PvE queue is buggy.

If you look at your queue, the first PvE mission is Azure Nebul Rescue, now sort the queue by Reward, the first one will be Gorn Minefield Fleet Action (or Kithomer Vortex). Cick the first one, and it will queue you in Azure, not Gorn Minefield or Kitomer Vortex. Therefore he may have clicked the proper STF and ended up in an other one, BUT he should have paid attention to th pop up window before clicking Engage, he would have seen right away it was the wrong STF and save himself from having to wait an hour before queueing again.

Better luck next time.
The PVE queue IS buggy. After season 7 launched I would do some PVE queues for Romulan marks. I would select at the top "Rewards" to only show me missions that reward Romulan Marks and select Mine Trap. Next thing I know I'm in Azura Nebula Rescue. This happened to me a couple times before I made it a habit to actually read the window that pops up to enter and have had to click cancel to remove myself from the queue instead of entering. I no longer select the window to have it show a particular reward since it always tries to put me in Azura Nebula Rescue and just scroll down to the mission I want. (I never left those times I ended up in the wrong mission. Just stayed and completed them. I was going for Rommy marks anyway.)

So in my experience, when sorting the list to show only missions with a particular reward, it can sometimes queue you for the wrong mission.

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