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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
what is tech doffs and AtB doing to balance? not much of anything. the only thing it really does is make a tac heavy cruiser builds not be piss poor compared to just sticking that tac in an escort. a few of the ships with more spread out stations its nice on though, but the great big disadvantage of having nearly no aux makes healing a pain, and makes almost all sci abilities have almost 0 effectiveness.

it doesn't at all make escorts, heal cruisers, or sci ships better. escorts already have all the tac stations they need to double up skills for full up time, and you cant RSP with it then. same with sci ships, only its even worse, they have no aux to work with at all. heal cruisers? how exactly are they going to heal effectively with no aux? ET3 is only gonna get you so far.

so it only really helps niche builds, and brings them closer to being as viable options as heal cruisers, dps escorts, and control sci ships.

i run mainly 2 AtB ships, because i like niche ships. i get my ass kicked all the time in them too. im no god of death with reduced cooldowns, i'm just nearly as dangerous as a ship in the 3 core roles.
<Stands next DdiS > I agree with you and the use of a AtB build has its on drawbacks. Micromanaging being one of the biggest.

The AtB build idea used to be scoffed at but like any other build idea that did work it was soon adopted and went Fotm.
Its not OP.
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