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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Sooooo..... We're arguing if the cost is equal to the benefit? And about increasing aux power... EPtA works, but does A2B reduce battery cooldown? If not, getting over 100 every 2 mins isn't going to help much anyway.

Ah, yes. About the heals, using teams isn't all that effective, given the need for tac team to keep your shields up. AtS is out the window. HE, although quick, is not going to heal much. Therefore, someone using A2B is not going to have any reliable spike hull heals, and will have a pretty low power HE as a HoT. Sure, the shields may be pretty strong, due to RSP and EPtS3, but the hull will be awfully squishy once you get through shields.
I used the battary as an example of something else boosting aux after using epta.

HE3 is the biggest hull repair in the game. It's over time though, and boosts resists.

Aux2Sif isn't out the window you can rotate it w/Aux2batt if you really want it.

You can use HE prior to using Aux2batt if needed.

Btw I use all 3 Teams regularly on both my sci and my tac and my sci doesn't use aux2batt.

Really this is just a lot of bad information.

Edit: Just tested again, yep as I thought after using epta you are free to use a max aux preset and get the gains. Not to mention any other power gain there is. So, there really is zero drawback to this.

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