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Originally Posted by theoric View Post
Hi everyone,

I'd love some advice I recently purchased the above ship and want it to be a pvp/pve ship. Please review my build and let me know what you all think, I haven't done much pvp, and predominantly have flown cruisers until I recently got mobius.

This is my rough idea.

3 x fleet ap DHC
1 x fleet quantum launcher

3 x fleet ap turrets

Full Borg set (shields, engines and deflector)

Devices - red matter capacitor, subspace module


Com Tac - HYT1, CSV1, TS3, APO3
Lt com Tac - TT1, CRF1, TS3
Tac Ens - TT1
Lt Eng - EPTS1, EPTSif1
Lt Sci - HE1, TSS2

As for my other slots.

Tac 5 x the highest AP mags I can afford
Sci - shield mod, Borg console, or temporal console or remen console.
Eng - armour plus kin resist, cloak console, another dps console with crit

Thanks in advance
For PvE:

Weapons: Fine
Other Equipment: Fine
Tac Consoles: Fine
Sci Consoles: Okish (if you absolutely MUST have cloak console, I would put it here)
Eng Consoles: OUCH. Recommend for PvE you have double neutronium + 1 monotanium

BOff Layout: Um... WOW... you really need to change this up
Cmdr Tac: TT1, CRF1, APB2, APO3
LtCmdr Tac: TT1, CSV1, APB2/APO2
Ens Tac: TS1
Lt Engi: EPtS1/EPtW1, EPtW2/EPtS2
Lt Sci: HE1, HE2

For PvP:
Um... yeah, go to the PvP forum, they have good escort builds there, and if you post your build up you will find a plethora of players more than happy to help.

Also we need DOffs. Unless you can tell us DOffs, we can't really give much more.

Originally Posted by age03 View Post
You would want this

Lt Eng - EPTS1, EPTSif1
EPTS1 EPTS Structual.

You really need only one Tac. Team.
What? No. You need more than one tac team. You are assuming he has the purple Conn Officers, which we cannot be sure of.

Ignore the quoted post OP.
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