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12-20-2012, 08:58 PM
I agree. I have 7000 omega marks and 300 romulan marks. I do the the Patrol daily everyday. and the rescue mission twice and hour but the most you can get from it is 20. The red alert is broken so sometimes it takes a week just to find one that you can enter without if kicking you back out. I thought todays patch was suppose to fix it but it didnt. I dont like the ground mission thay take to long for to little marks like 10 to 15 marks. There needs to be mission slike the STF's that respawn every 30 min and pay out 50 -100 marks. I did Infected Elite today hit the optional and got 100 omega marks. There are no Romulan mission that do that. To get a Full Reman set and the full Romulan set you will need 2-3k marks and that number is impossible to hit.