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12-20-2012, 08:13 PM
I used the battary as an example of something else boosting aux after using epta.

Edit: Just tested again, yep as I thought after using epta you are free to use a max aux preset and get the gains. Not to mention any other power gain there is. So, there really is zero drawback to this.
Okay, I get your point here. In that case, I'm in favor of Cryptic at least changing things to make sure that A2B keeps your Aux low.

HE3 is the biggest hull repair in the game. It's over time though, and boosts resists.
True for HE3, but is it still the biggest hull heal, assuming Aux is low? (I know there are currently ways to boost Aux, but I'm just tossing things out with nerfed Aux in mind) Also, what about lower versions? Few Scis run the A2B combo. As such, correct me if I'm wrong, the only ship that can run both HE3 and A2B is the veteran destroyer or the Recluse.

You can use HE prior to using Aux2batt if needed.
Alright, I concede this point. However, I don't have the information, but could someone check whether it is actually possible to do this when cycling 2xA2B? Should work with a single A2B, though. Also, running A2B still restricts HE to certain brackets of time in order to get good levels of healing.

Aux2Sif isn't out the window you can rotate it w/Aux2batt if you really want it.
I'm kinda going with drunk on this point. If one chooses to mount A2B, cycling it with ATS is going to appreciably reduce your gains from A2B cooldown reduction.

Btw I use all 3 Teams regularly on both my sci and my tac and my sci doesn't use aux2batt.
I was going from personal experience here, where I found near-continuous TT to be essential for nearly all my builds, but I could be wrong, I guess.

Argh, I'm going to stay out of the argument. Things did seem to make sense when I started, but I guess I don't have enough information to argue my point. I'll leave this to the big guys now. You all have probably tested things more extensively than I have.