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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
There are two types of people in the Reputation system. Those that have too many Romulan Marks and not enough Omega Marks due to Epohh Raising and an adversion to STFs and those that have too many Omega Marks and not enough Romulan Marks due to enjoying running STF after STF. If the devs satisfy one group of people, then they should satisfy the other group. Right now, I have about 2000 Romulan Marks while only 200 Omega Marks. So IMO, there is nothing wrong with gaining Romulan Marks by spending a couple of minutes each day doing epohh raising.
And there's a third group, the few nutsos like myself who do everything and have plenty of both types of marks.

I'm sitting on 1,500 Romulan, and 1,100 Omega atm. I'd have more if it wasn't for the pure and simple fact that I bought the new set pieces that I could unlock and did ALL the store unlocks for both of em.

Remember folks, it might not be too bad now, with only two reps, but just think about the future, when we have 4 or 5, or more reps, it may not be very easy in the future to get those marks you need. STFs and Romulan marks are easily gotten, future stuff might not be.