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12-20-2012, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
This is just a thought I've been having today, and that Technician DOFFs, are rather on the borderline of being OP. They are in that they can reduce so many cool downs for ALL BOFF abilities, at the cost of only one LT. engineer slot, and 3 space DOFF slots. Compare that to say AP DOFFs, which are very powerful, they only affect though, 3 abilities, nothing more, and can even allow for nearly 100% uptime just about on those.
aux2bat was my poor mans attack pattern doffs for awhile. yeah you do get global, yes my dps drain wasent as bad with a full dhc turrent set up, yes i could run omega 1 with rapid fire 3 or omega 3 with rapid fire 2. BUT......the bo cd gets sloppy. not sure how. my cd got out of rotation to about 5 secs off. trust me the money i payed for attack pattern doffs was well bought. also all i need is 2 of thoes and i get to cycle omega 3 delta 1. while the other doffs takes up 3 slots. really wish i could make an aux2bat build work. i mean close to 125 in all systems but aux is very nice. sheild regen is awesome while putting out major dps. but when i needed thoes heals i had no aux for it. aside from my cd's getting out of cycles, this is not a build for pugs. i tryed it on my sci and engy. it could pissibly work on a healer due to eps skill but again, healing is the issue. i would argue attack pattern doffs are op. always have rapid fire 2 going while each cycle i have an attack pattern going. epts is always going back to back. the only slow cycles are, he 1, tss 2, rsp. i can live with that. also my tact inish goes to the team. i never need to use it.