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12-20-2012, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Do you pug cure elite a lot? If a cube is popped and the other 2 cubes spawn Neg'vars and raptors - half the time 5 people defending will FAIL!
This is a common thing in CSN. For whatever reason 4 of the team ships will think they need to protect the Kang. IF all 4 had any DPS at all they would be able to protect the Kang. But all to often they all have Rainbow/Technicolor beams and/or have their weapons set on stun and lose the optional.

In reality, it only takes ONE properly set up ship to protect the Kang. That ship should be able to keep anything from ever firing a shot at the Kang.

I stopped protecting the Kang long ago. In fact I don't even worry about going after any ships being spawned. I just kill nodes and cubes and fly on over to the next. Using this tactic I can usually clear out all the cubes in 9 minutes or less by myself.

If the others are helping out at the cubes like they should be, then I'll help kill the spawns, otherwise NO WAY. If we lose because 4 ships setting at the Kang can't protect it then so be it.