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Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post
I don't care what you think is wrong or not. I don't play STO to chase alien rabbits, and mine is the opinion that matters. That's why I posted my concerns in the "feedback" forum. Again, if you want to argue that your style of game play is superior, start your own thread, please.
Your opinion only matters to you just like only my opinion matters to me, but trying to force people out of your thread because they say something you don't like is not cool. I find more problems with how people gain Omega Marks. Deferi Invasion is the only method for some players and it can be a nightmare. Romulan Marks has numerous methods to get for players with very different play styles while to get Omega Marks, the only reasonable method is Elite STFs. All I have to say is that your idea of making things easier is completely different from mine since nothing can be easier than spending a couple of minutes a day to get about 400 Romulan Marks a week.