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12-20-2012, 09:00 PM
I admit, my main thought from all this, wasn't so much on the line of being killed with it in PvP or anything, it was more focused on bringing the 3 classes a bit more evenly in line. Both classes have a good chunk of ways each to reduce cool downs, ESPECIALLY tacs. Engineers, not so much.

I'm not sure how to reply though otherwise.

I do understand it's a niche build, and one that really requires a specialized role and cost to do at all.

As a seperate thought:

A bit what-if here...Say they removed the CD reduction effect from A2B, and Technicians gave a flat bonus, BUT at a reduced amount (or a flat number), and only engineering abilities? Would that still feel rather fair? It'd do what I am thinking on, but without going over board.

Say each DOFF reduced cooldowns by 5 seconds, and 3 together would make 15 seconds from all engineering abilities. Now that might seem too much, it's just an example. Or if it was a % still, like 5% from all abilities, so that like Aux to Structural wouldn't change much, but like Aceton Beam might lose a decent chunk of it's timer.

At a total of 30% still, that might be considered OP if it was still guaranteed.