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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Most Kang defenders on pugs like to sit at the kang and only engage when the enemy starts shooting at the kang.
Heres a big 'If'

IF the people of the team have realistic DPS and otherwise well set up ships;


IF the people know how to properly run a CSN or CSE;

THEN the ship which is supposed to be protecting the Kang should never have to fire a shot unless he too KNOWS what he's supposed to be doing and flys into the cubes as the Borg are spawning and kills them as they spawn.

And IF the people at the cubes know what they are doing then they too should be helping kill the spawns.

And still, nothing should ever get close enough to the Kang to fire a shot.

BUT this is something you'll never see in a PuG filled with Farmers, Rainbow/Technicolor Weapons, Noobes, Skittles, and all around Clowns.