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Heh... heh... hah... hah... heh... Thank you very much for that great laugh I just had. I really needed it. You sir, would make a wonderful comedian.

Getting omega marks is almost ludicrously easy. I have more trouble finding specific DOff missions than I do getting omega marks. And you are correct, the easiest method is ESTFs. So you just derailed your own argument with this. And there is nothing easier than spending 15 minutes of your time to slaughter a ton of borg, get 60-130 Omega marks, PLUS dil and BnPs and sometimes loot. It's easy. It's fun. And it pays well.

Before you comment on the nightmare of pugs, I will simply put this single statement out. PublicEliteSTF. Free channel. Decent players (for the most part usually competent). Usually pretty nice mood in channel as well. You go in, call for an ESTF, set it up, get your other 4 guys, 20 minutes later, you're richer in both OMs and BnPs, have a little more unrefined dil, and some loot (which means ECs).
Not everyone likes doing team based content. It can be more painful for them to join an Elite STF than the OP chasing after bunnies. Therefore, some people are forced to do Deferi content which takes much longer for those that solo. If you look at the content that gives Romulan Marks, then you have team based content, dailies, and epohh raising. Omega Marks is limited to STFs and Deferi Invasion. An Omega Marks version of the Tau Dewa Sector Daily in Gamma Orionis would certainly help players that have problems with STFs.

There might be something to make Romulan team based content more in line with elite STFs, but I have no clue what the devs use for their decision to determine how much Marks are given for each event so I won't comment on it. They could create an Elite version of Azure Nebula Rescue, Mine Trap, and The Vault missions that gives 60+ Romulan Marks.

Usually I don't have a problem with PUGs. There are a few that were nightmares, but most can be finished in 20 minutes. My comments are more about people that will never step into an STF rather than a personal issue with STFs. If I can do a bunch of elite STFs even though I would rather stay away from them, then others can do epohh raising for romulan marks.